Inter Cars and Polish Tyre Industry Association will train vulcanizers

Tyre training available for all cooperating services

The Tyre Academy – established and run by the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PZPO) – has started cooperation with Inter Cars, the leader of the aftermarket market. Training in the use of personal, truck and motorcycle tyres will be conducted by the Academy's trainers at the Inter Cars training center in Czosnów near Warsaw and at the PZPO headquarters in Piechanin near Poznań.


We are glad that the high quality of training at the Tyre Academy has been noticed by Inter Cars, the market leader in the aftermarket. The scale of Inter Cars' operations and our training programs is an opportunity to train more mechanics and improve the quality of tyre service. After all, they are the only point of contact between every car and the road. The health and life of their customers depend on the quality of the service and its reliability – says Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PZPO).

– High quality of mechanics' work is one of the key aspects of road safety. We want the services cooperating with us throughout Poland to be characterized by the greatest care for their customers' cars – trainings conducted by the PZPO Academy will allow us to take care of it even better. We treat our cooperation in the long term and we are convinced that the care for the quality of service on the entyre tyre service market will be appreciated by our customers – comments Marek Szarpak, Market Director at Koło PL.

Inter Cars is the largest importer and distributor of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The offer also includes workshop equipment, in particular equipment for servicing and repairing cars as well as parts for motorcycles and tuning. Inter Cars acts as a specialized logistics entity, whose task is to organize and finance the flow of goods from producers to local distributors, operating in the form of subsidiaries, who deliver goods to final recipients (workshops, shops, individual recipients, etc.). Through the central warehouse, located near Warsaw and a network of branches, it distributes goods in most European Union countries to about 21,000 registered recipients. Inter Cars offers the widest range of car parts in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers both the highest quality goods from well-known and reputable suppliers for the so-called first assembly for car production, as well as a cheaper, but good quality assortment from less known manufacturers.

– There is a great need for training on the market. Cars and tyres for them are changing technologically. These are no longer products like a few decades ago. Low-profile tyres, whether for hybrids or electric cars, require even more feel and skills, because they are much easier to damage – points out Ryszard Marcinkowski, head coach of the Tyre Academy and technical expert of PZPO.

– PZPO trainings are a great complement to our offer. I look forward to working together to improve the quality of service in this segment as well. The combination of our customer base and experience with the knowledge of PZPO experts can only bring positive effects – says Sebastian Baber, Inter Cars Training Manager.

PZPO Academy trainings take place in two centers – the first located in Piechanin near Poznań, in a modern, air-conditioned building, with well-equipped training rooms, modern balancing machines, changers, tyre repair stations, equipment for operating pressure sensors and a lift – including for motorcycles, as well as a theoretical training room. It is the first independent training center in the tyre industry in Poland, which enables scheduled courses for tyre service technicians and obtaining appropriate qualifications.

The second location is the Inter Cars Training Center located in Czosnów in Mazowieckie, near Warsaw. It is a building where mechanics have a chance to gain professional knowledge provided by Inter Cars trainers as well as from suppliers' representatives.

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Source: Polish Tyre Industry Association